Caution Wet Pant – The Comic Strip

Due to the web browser crashing, I had a really witty set up to this blog post, but that is now lost in the mists of time.

Oh well. Anyhoo, for those in the know, if you take a little look at this blog, a new icon has suddenly appeared. Yep, that’s it, click on it. It is the new Caution Wet Paint Comic Strip Taking the persona of Jay one step further, I have decided to take the characters from Caution Wet Paint on a new adventure, this time in the form of a picture comic.

There is a good reason for this. Creatively, I have now finished with the shorts for ‘Caution Wet Paint’, but there is still a lot of material out there that I want to use up. My time is now going to be spent on the distribution of the latest CWP short film. So in the meantime, I want an expressive outlet for CWP, that goes beyond writing, which I will also be doing. Hence the comic strip is one of the more funky ways of doing this.

In other words, subscribe to it so every Monday you can ‘click’ and see what Jay and Kay have been up to. I’ll recall their first adventures together before putting them in more devious situations. Ha!


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