Weekend Hi-Jinx

What recession? Go out on the town, and people are still spending like a crazy. I am one of them. No care in the world, going from one week until the next, hand to mouth. No focus on the future and just for today. Andf why not? For we can plan like crazy, but tomorrow, life has finished, and what is there to show for it? The remnants of a pension fund, a rabbit hutch of a home?

I am in two minds about this, as summer approaches. And ultimately, I think why not. Live for the moment! Life is about the memories, not of the safety factor. But also, what is interesting is how we spend our lives when having fun. Despite the fact that many of us have been doing the same thing, sday in day out, when it comes to the weekend, we do exactly the same thing. Same pub, same club, same toffy-nosed attitude to the bar staff, the same Friday night. Saturday is a hang over and a half and then onto Sunday, back in the pub after a failed attempt to utlise the weekend, all anticipating the Monday rush.

Well, try something a little different this weekend. Don’t get so tanked up. And remember, if you can’t get on the Nightbus, then don’t worry. It’s summer, and a walk back in this climate is far more pleasant than a peasant wagon 😉 Enjoy your weekend!


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