Meanwhile, back in London…

So what have I been upto here in London over the past month . Well, to be blunt, busy. Working like a dog, there is no change there. Also, I have been hard at wok on the editing for ‘Jay and Kay Save the World’. In the past month, I have finished editing the short film, all the colour corrections have been completed, all the sound has been cleaned up and so I have arrived at the next stage of Post Production – the promotion and release of the film. This also included form filling on two important sites that cover a great deal of film festivals – a day for each one.

The promotion, not only included website redesign, but also press packs, photo stills and posters. Visit the CWP Website and have a shuffle around. You will see all those publicity pieces available for download.

Well that and something else. This is a bit of geekery coming along.

At the moment, I encode my DVD’s using a Quicktime file. The DVD looks all right, but still, it does not have that cinematic feel. Unlike the HD image I see while I am editing and the HD image that is available on playback as a raw movie file. WHich is why I am going to experiment with converting the film to an MPEG-2 file before burning to DVD. This will take me a couple of weeks to figure out, but hopefully, it will produce a superior quality DVD. As I have a few weeks before the remaining film festival dates come up for grabs, this is what I will spend doing, figuring out another tool in the editing suite. Once I have this DVD available, hopefully it will be of a better quality. Then I will contact the cast and crew and tell them that all is finished.

Life may be a holiday, but there is a lot of work behind the scenes 😉


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