My India Top 5

As a round off to my India month, here are my favourite things that I did while traveled through India’s North East. In no particular order, and with nothing but frivolity behind the suggestions, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my travels through this great land!

5) Meet the Khasi’s.

Up in the hills of Meghalaya state, enjoy the cooling breezer wafting in over from the Bay of Bengal. Dominated by the very cool Khasi people, Shillong is a laid back city, nestled away off the beaten track. Fun and chilled out a place as any.

4) Hop on the train.

Fun, cheap and a great way to see the countryside. Quite rightly famed as one of the best ways to see the country, the Indian Railway system is a must for any visitor to the country.

3) Cross a bamboo bridge.

They are shaky, oh what the hell, they are plain dangerous. But a little bit of bamboo will put some hairs on your chest. And if they can support my weight, they will probably support yours.

2) Catch a flick.

Head to the cinema, get your ticket and take your place in the cinema hall. Raucous, noisy affairs, so join in, whoop when there is a hint of love, boo the bad guy and tap your toes to the music. Fantastic fun, and a great way of watching movies and an interesting take on the local culture!

1) Eat well.

India is a country filled with fantastic food. One billion palettes make for some serious variety in the cuisine! Try something new, all the time, everyday. You will not regret it! Be adventurous…

Thank you India for the memories. All of them. I hope to return to your fair shores very soon…


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