Leaving India

On leaving India, I was lucky enough not to get stopped in my tracks by Cyclone Aila which battered the region. The Shillong Plateau turned this devastating storm into a mere bit of wild weather, but for many others it was devastating to their lives. Such is the need to keep an eye out for the wet and wild when traveling, had I been 200 miles south, I would have at the least been badly delayed, and even worse, killed, such was the ferocity of Aila.

To leave India, I was going to have a 19 hour layover in Delhi, stretching my journey to a full 36 hours. As I did not know how transit worked in India, I did not book a hotel in Delhi before I left. Because of that, I bunked the night in Delhi airport before leaving the next day. In essence, it was one rough night of traveling, but something I am pretty used to.

Anyhow, you can experience some of the comedy of my leaving of India by clicking on the vid. Enjoy!


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