A Close Shave…

Simple. I do not like hair on my face. Or on my head. Handily for the latter, I am loosing quite a fair bit up top. For the former, I have rapid growth, and should really shave on a daily basis. However, in the UK I am a notoriously scruffy person. However, in India (in fact in much of the world) it is relatively cheap enough where the casual tourist can dispense with the razor blade and soap and instead head to a barbershop.

Just like few sane travelers carry a packed lunch with them, so it is with shaving and myself when on holiday. Why carry the whole kit of razor blade and clippers for the hair, when instead I can head to the barbers, pay a few pennies and get the works done for me in about fifteen minutes. No need for me to spend time tirelessly watching myself in front of the mirror and more importantly, it makes by pack that little bit lighter – always a plus for the casual traveller such as myself…


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