Travels in tiny Tripura (5) – A round-up

I visited quite a few places in tiny Tripura, parts of India that I never knew existed. From water palaces to little villages, I trekked and bussed my way through this rough and ready state. Tripura is a gorgeous part of India, but it is not n easy place to travel in. Its isolation and the stat government’s general incompetence makes Tripura a challenge for the casual tourist. However, it has ben a long time since I have engaged myself in such travel methods and so I was delighted to dip my toes again into the real tremors of ‘the road’.

Because I decided to ‘rough it’, I sw a part of India, and it was a beautiful part that is rapidly changing for the better, but nonetheless is changing. I was a witness to the passing of history, the way that the landscape was changing, how the country was developing, even in this remote corner. And I felt privileged to be able to witness such changes. I probably will never return to Tripura, yet I was glad to have travelled here, as I was witness to history in the making, however small it may have been. For it is in places like Tripura that you can feel the presence of this nation…

But the road was taking me north, into a new state, a new part of the world and despite the short distance in the journey, a different world altogether. I took three days to journey out of Tripura, partly as I wanted to break up the journey into manageable stages, but also as I wanted to see that little bit more. I wanted not just to see the grandiose sites of Tripura, the temples and the palaces, but also the small towns, the part of the state not on any tourist brochure. For it is in these rural areas that the bulk of India’s population live, not the heady metro centres of world renown.

And that was what I loved about Tripura, the people. It was fun to meet the local people of Tripura, who were really kind to me the humble visitor. I am no being idyllic, there were plenty of tossers here as well. But the majority of people I met, were reflective of my experience of North East India. Kind, warm and welcoming, proud of their state and country and damn surprised that I made it that far to see their homeland. Travels in tiny Tripura, a tiny state, but with a big heart and some of the most gorgeous scenery i have ever seen on this tiny rock called Earth 😉


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