A little update in life…

Yesterday was one of those days. Don’t ask, but it really was one of those days. Running about like a headless chicken, but I managed to get my passport back from the Indian embassy and so begins my journey into the unknown of India and more unnervingly straight into the heart of bureaucracy. I am looking forward to my holiday, but as I am going off to N.E. India, it will be tempered by the amount of times I will have to register in each town. Still, it is a part of the world where hills and forests reach up to catch the monsoon. A magical, moist land that will tantalise the senses in all ways! To say I am looking forward to this holiday is an understatement!

I was also editing like a madman in order to get a copy to Nick in order for him to start the music for the new CWP short film. At seven and a half minutes, so far, I have edited up to the dance sequence which means, including credits, this film could well stretch to nine whole minutes. Wow. Considering a feature film goes in the range of 90-100 minutes and this was shot in three days, that is some pretty impressive stuff…

However, I rushed the edit for the final section in order to give El Maestro a copy to look at. I will be recutting that section, maybe even shortening it. And of course, next comes the soound clean up, ugh, a job I am not looking forward to! I need this holiday soon…


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