Food at Easter!

If I was not this sick, normally I would be delighting my taste buds in a fiesta of food, being Easter. However, I am weakly sipping tea and cut lime in an effort to hold down food. So without much ado, here are my taste bud tickles for the Easter period, what I like, what I am not to big a fan of, what is big fat con and what typically delights me:

1) Currant Buns, or more to the point, Hot Cross Buns. Back in the Day, these delightful treats were only available in the last couple of weeks of Lent leading up to Easter. Now available virtually all year round, they have lost some of their appeal in terms of seasonality. Still, when you compare them with those awful sugary muffins, they are far nicer to the palette. Unlike mince pies which can be quickly tiresome, Hot Cross Buns are delightful no matter when they are consumed! Also, their very nature means it is very hard to gorge on these buns and so, you do not feel bloated unlike some other seasonal treats…

2) Easter Eggs, or more to the point, the ‘Cream’ filled eggs. Yuck. Just simply disgusting. Factory by-grade chocolate, over sugary filling thatdrips everywhere. Plus the countless bunny shaped pieces of brown confectionary dripping everywhere. An excuse to get rid of last year’s cocoa harvest. Revolting!

3) Spring Lamb. I like lamb, mutton, goat, in fact anything that is cute, furry and has four legs. Spring Lamb is a bit of a misnomer as if it is sold at Easter, than the Lamb was probably born in winter…hmm…still, it is all good!

4) Fish! Good Friday is traditionally a fast day in the Christian calenders and what better way to celebrate than with fish. Usually in my household this means going crazy on some funky tasting fish, from some tropical backwater that many people beyond the temperate zones have never heard of. And it is all good!!! All of you guys must know how much I love fish and so in and around Easter is a perfect time to spoil myself!

So there you have it. Tasty (and not so tasty) morsels from Easter. From a European point of view it is an optimistic time, but it really is also utilising the last of the winter stores. New produce do not kick in until June and so traditionally, May is a bit of a scarce month in terms of food as all the stores have vanished for the year. Just as well we are big importers of food in Britain, for now…


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