Panic on the Streets of London!

So London is about to enter a siege week. Coinciding with the a gathering of the great and good of humanity in London, we also have twenty of the most corrupt people on the planet meeting in the East End for a right old knees up. To keep the great and good from switching off a few lights, we have mobilised the largest gathering of coffee and doughnuts since the Notting Hill Carnival, but as there are no darkies at this even (except for the president of the USA), we can keep a few officers off the beat and in the office to ensure loose some more documents.

So how about it. Next week we will have a massive peaceful protest that will be ignored by all, but when three windows get smashed up in Canary Wharf, expect the ‘usual suspects’ to be blaming immigrants for all this trouble and the looney left for stirring up anarchy on the mild streets of Britain. Thank goodness for the police to save the day and my energy saving light bulb.

(To be honest, the looney left looks increasingly sophisticated against the background of bank bail outs)

The police have already done their press offensive to protect themselves when the predictable photos begin pouring in from the street that will allow many people to compare London to Lhasa on serf emancipation day.

(I think the comparison between Mao and Lincoln is hilarious)

So get ready for a week that in the end will not make much difference, such is the wonderful thing about Western Capitalist Democracy. When 2010 rolls in, we will get a new bunch of muppets to continue exactly where we left off. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and everyone else in between will be taxed until they are a spent carcass on the heap known as society. Real change boils down to the individual, not the government. Do not expect to be helped by anyone but yourselves. And remember, life always seems to get worse, but the honest truth is that it has always been this bad…


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