Five Minutes…

I have set myself the target of writing a blog in five minutes. So what shall I talk about? Something Londonesque and exciting such as a new circle line? Or should I talk about something newsworthy such as the blatant assassination in a part of Southern Africa or yet another government bailout? (we are f**ked as a country) Should I talk about my projects and what I am upto? Or should I look towards the heavens for inspiration?

Sometimes it is very easy to write a blog in five minutes, when I am inspired to do so, when life is grand and full of surprises. Sometimes I am not, when life is dull and filled with travesties, when I have blatantly been loosing sleep due to shifts. On some days, posts appear out of the blue, on some days they are inspired by by what I veiw online and on some days are intricately planed out with meticulous detail.

I’m sorry, but our five minutes are up…


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