The Good, The Bad, The Weird…

‘Viewers’ of this site know that I love East Asian cinema.

You have the wirework of Hong Kong, the funkiness of Japan, Taiwan’s endless soul searching, Thai flair and Korea’s pure awesomeness!

Korea holds an interesting statistic (for now). It is one of three countries in the world where its domestic films make more money than foreign ones. The other two are the USA and India. This is partly due to the quota system but also due to the fact that Korea mixes its relaxed censorship laws with its own past and a strong nationalistic sense of self. And one main thing. Korean films are flipping amazing. For a tiny country of only 40 million people, Korean cinema packs a punch way above its weight that puts other countries of a similar size to shame and of course, completely overshadows China (outside of Hong Kong).

Well, I watched The Good, The Bad and The Weird last night (this week I have already seen three films at the pictures) and yeah, it’s f**king amazing. I have been trailing this film for sometime, it having made a spalsh on the festival circuit last year. And yeah, just wow. Like anything from Korea, simply amazing. This film has it all, action, guns, more action, comedy, a steam train, horses, the Japanese army, Chinese raiders, a liberation struggle, opium, more action, a treasure map, a brothel, some more guns, a thin plot and more action. No forced romances, no moments of self pity, this is pure adrenalin from the word go! This is the first time I have ever seen a Korean Western (is this Korea’s first western?) and it is bloody amazing! Plus the music just suits the film great.

Go on, watch the trailer:

And thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch the coolest part of the film here (until the lawyers come along). Or do yourself a favour and watch it at the cinema NOW!


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