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A classic London day. When it snows (or rains, or is too sunny, or just any other day), the city finds an excuse to grind itself to a halt. I can get philosophical about this (most people hate their jobs and do not want to do it, so sod it, any excuse for a skive), I can get angry about this (I am paying Council Tax for what reason?) or I can get happy. I chose the latter of the three options!

A day dossing in the snow – click for photos!

What you don’t see is the fun that my friend and me had, including, snow fights (I rule), Kebabs and chips (in the cold, there is no diet) and more snow fights. (I am the master!)

Look, this kind of snowfall will probably not occur until I am a heart patient, so I had to take advantage of this! So should you. Skive off London, there’s snow!

Add to all of that, I also Vlogged in the Snow. Hey, how could I resist…


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