The River Thames so far…

My journey so far has taken me on a rich and varied path across London. From my humble beginnings at Hampton, I have slowly followed this water course through England’s only Metropolis. At first it felt that I was only flirting with the city. Green spaces and woodland marked my path on the Surrey and the Middlesex banks. But slowly the sprawl grew more intense, the traffic more dense and yet the course held true. Once a month I would head down to the river and discover a little bit more about the city I call home.

Through the mighty streets of West London I cruised, stopping to take in the architectural delights of the riverside. I continued this journey through London and now I have turned a corner.

At Vauxhall, my next crossing, I would have reached a major milestone. The beating heart of the Capital, I have arrived at. During the bulk of 2009, my course will take me through the Centre of town itself. Not only will my journey be filled with history, but landmarks itsef. People from all over the world come to marvel at this stretch of water. Parliament, the South Bank, St Paul’s, Bankside and The Tower will vie for my attention in this short stretch of the Thames.

I, like many other Londoners, do not really appreciate the city that I live in, the wonders of my hometown, but during this journey I have discovered and shared with you, what I have learned. I hope you continue to enjoy and follow my travels downstream as I continue to Cross the River Thames…


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