Christmas Review

Okay, so I ate the turkey, stuffed myself with Christmas Pudding and watched far too much TV. It is good to take a ‘break’, but life continues pretty quickly once Boxing Day is over. I love Christmas, but it does amuse me tat we go into a state of frenzy for a one day dance. Still, it is unusual to see shops closed and streets deserted for a whole 24 hours (and let’s be honest, Boxing Day is not much busier too). Some take the week off, some just take a few days, others have no time off, but Christmas is an interesting time with which to compare the rest of the year. It is also the highlight of winter. Despite the sunny weather outside, it is cold and the daylight hours are only so few. We still have three months of wretchedness until we get any decent amount of daytime hours filtering through, such is our distance above the equator.

As another year comes to an end (where the hell did 2008 go?), 2009 starts on a personal level, on a rather strange note. I look forward to the new year, but I also realise that there is much to be done in this one coming up. The end of a decade, the chance to build on the lessons learnt in previous years and real progress ahead in what I want to do. But as always, it won’t be easy. It is going to be a challenge, but hopefully one that will not take place in a vacuum. I have some milestones that I want to topple next year, and in 365-odd days time, I hope to say that I have knocked them over!


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