Life’s a Box of Chocolates

Christmas is the time when we all pig out. And chocolates are in abundance at this time of year. Luckily in the Northern Hemisphere, is is so cold, that all that sugary fatty goodness lies contentedly on the stomach.

So you open the box of chocolates. If it is fancy ones, then they look decadent, and if they are off the shelf then they are wrapped in cheap foil. There is a difference in taste between all of them, but one thing that many people have in common is the likes and dislikes. Anything with soft caramel and nuts is a particular favourite no matter what brand is available to pick at.

And there are certain nasties that are always avoided. Coffee flavour or over-sweetened fruit creams (pineapple, orange, strawberry).

So why do the chocolate makers/manufacturers insist on theese yucky ones in the box. After all, in the first ten minutes, the good ones are finished, while those lousy fillings lie around the kitchen right up until Easter.

After all, who said variety is the spice of life when a safe bet is so blatantly preferred…


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