British Rail – the good old days?

First a really big thank you to all who flicked and clicked onto the Photo-Vlog of London. In case you have not already seen it then give this a click.

Right, I am a populist. It is quite clear. Look at the articles I write in Ohmynews and you get the picture. It is all about gauging public sentiment and then harping on. As I have no moral backbone, an expandable conscience, I pretty much say one thing today and will dismiss it tomorrow. In other words do not take me that seriously.

Now, let us look at the railways. We know how awful and expensive it is today to use the service. And I like trains. For long journeys. Commuter rail sucks, and this is talking from a South London perspective. Honestly, it is quicker to get on a bus, so unreliable are the glorious franchises of South West Trains, Southern, South Eastern and Thameslink. Brands that are despised for their lack of Oyster useage, a lack of safety at these poorly lit hell holes and their refusal to run trains at times that suit us.

So, it was with almost a tinge of nostalgia that I happened on the old British Rail advert. You know, the big flashy advert, with the bridges, tunnels from the ’80’s?

You can watch it here and think a little.

Yep, because the country that advert is set in no longer exists. In twenty short years it is all gone. There is no mail train, no more coal, oil or girders, a lack of docks. Just commuters left going to work on their computers. Some say that the railways back then were an anachronism, supported by government and subsidised to the hilt with bloated budgets, unrealistic expectations and a world changing so rapidly that only the free market could bring the railways back to life.

Just want to give those bankers some food for thought.

And if there is one link you must click on in this blog, make it this, as you have GOT to see that old B.R. advert!.


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