So, you were talking about Ethiopia…

Yes, and something that was a surprise in my jaunt to West London this week. I have revealed two of my loves this week – Food and Travel. I do too much of the former and not enough of the latter but Ethiopia is now a place I have been converted to – in both respects.

For me the fascination in Ethiopia is mainly in its position in the greater world. Like most of Africa, Ethiopia has been written off as a pockmark on the tapestry of humanity. But Ethiopia is much more than that, and its recent phase of history, its famine and bitter civil war has made it one of the basket cases of the world. The phrase, ‘how the mighty have fallen’, would be very appropriate to this part of the world, in describing its rich past and torrid present.

A country’s best ambassador is its people, followed by its food. All the (few) Ethiopians I have met have been great and the women are F-I-T! Now having sample a little bit of its cuisine, I have grown quite a fondness for this place. Next stop, Addis Ababa…


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